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Are you facing significant change in your personal or professional life? Are you feeling stuck and uncertain about potential changes that might bring you greater joy and satisfaction? Let’s work together.

I am a certified executive coach with years of experience in helping people examine their life or career to achieve the best version of themselves. All of my clients are experiencing change of some sort:

My role as your coach is to be present at every step of the journey. My coaching style is compassionate yet straightforward and direct. We’ll spend as much time as needed to define your goals for change, and then I’ll challenge you to think broadly, experiment with new behavior and take risks.

My Services

Career Coaching Exploring New Professional Paths

We are all faced with moments when we consider other career options, either by choice or necessity.  We’ll explore your work history, professional choices, key successes, and personal strengths.  Based on this, you and I will identify opportunities for you to evaluate. Reviewing your resume and social media, and preparations for interviewing are included.

Transition Coaching Navigating Successfully Through Life Changes

Change is constant and can be unsettling, but also offers growth. I provide a safe space to explore life changes and your feelings during the transition process.  Together, we focus on setting new goals and achieving a new mindset. We experiment with adjustments to behaviors and relationships as you move towards renewed energy and joy.

Leadership Coaching Achieving Results Through Others

Effective leaders are deeply committed to positive impact and can motivate and influence others towards common goals.  Our work begins with your self-assessment and gathering feedback from others in key leadership areas.  We set goals for change and then identify opportunities for you to practice new skills, perspectives, and behaviors in the workplace.

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